Because of the brain's powerful ability to accept hypnosis as a tool, corporate America is adding it to its toolbox. Corporate success programs are typically presented in 90-minute time blocks, and can address any challenges unique to your organization. Some of the challenges we have helped organizations with include: 

  • Enhanced Sales Ability
  • Fear of Public Speaking
  • Memory Improvement
  • Test Taking
  • Consistent Performance
  • Cold Calling Hesitation/Phone Phobia
  • Increased Motivation
  • Improved Focus
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief
  • Improve Organizational Skills

If you don't see what you need above, feel free to contact Michele Burghardt in order to customize a program specifically for your organization. The exciting aspect of hypnosis is that it is all natural and 100% non-invasive. It will result in your team members making positive changes upon completion. See FAQ for more information. 

A Note from Michele Burghardt

Because of my unique combined experience as an entrepreneur and a consulting hypnotherapist, I am distinctly qualified to work with corporate groups with a goal of increasing bottom-line results. I have started and sold small businesses, founded not-for-profit organizations, and was the president of the largest hypnosis center in the bi-state area. I am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists which is the largest accrediting body in the world for our industry. 


  • Prior to Program
    • ​Presentation to Management to discuss program options
    • Scoping session with Michele Burghardt to determine best approach
    • Development of the program announcement marketing materials (including a website page describing the program and confidential online intake form for your employees)
  • During Program
    • Explanation of how and why hypnosis is beneficial
    • Q & A for participants
    • Demonstration
    • Learning style testing for participants
    • Group hypnotherapy session
    • Discount certificate for additional personal sessions
  • Preceding Program
    • Email follow-up with employees as needed
    • Link access to 15-minute Flash Fix mini session for 12 months 

Group Presentation Investment (Does not include any off-site location fees)
Up to 10 People -     $588
Up to 25 People -     $1280
Up to 50 People -     $2280

I look forward to helping your organization improve staff performance to bring out their professional best.  For more information or to schedule your corporate program, contact Michele Burghardt at 636.209.4749.

​Corporate Success 

Helping Your Organization Reach Peak Performance