​Corporate Programs

Your Success Begins in Your Mind

Imagine the increase in productivity and revenue you would experience if your organization was operating at peak performance. That's what hypnotherapy can do for you. It helps your team members eliminates stress, bad habits, and limiting beliefs resulting in greater engagement and higher productivity. Hypnotherapy is integrating itself into the corporate landscape because it works. Today's most powerful businesses are empowering their staff with as many tools as possible in order to retain them, and help them learn and grow.

Two of the most popular integrations include Corporate Success programs and Employee Wellness programs. Both of these programs can be delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Group Presentations
  • One-on-One Sessions on site
  • One-on-One Sessions in our office

Group presentations may be held at your office or at a location of your choice. For some, this type of training is all they need to make the necessary changes to improve their performance. For others they serve as a primer to their personal session in which we can truly customize their behavior changes. Group presentation are typically presented in 90-minute time blocks, and are most effective with groups in size from three to 50.

On-site individual sessions only require a private office. Best Hypnosis STL will provide all other materials. 

Group Presentation Deliverables: 

  • Prior to Program
    • Presentation to management to discuss program options
    • Scoping session with Michele Burghardt to determine best approach
    • Development of the program announcement marketing materials (including a website page describing the program and confidential online intake form for your employees)
  • During Program
    • Explanation of how and why hypnosis is beneficial
    • Q & A for participants
    • Demonstration
    • Learning style testing for participants
    • Group hypnotherapy session
    • Discount certificate for additional personal sessions
  • Preceding Program
    • Email follow-up with employees as needed
    • Link access to 15-minute Flash Fix mini session for 12 months 

Group Presentation Investment (Does not include any off-site location fees)
Up to 10 People -     $588
Up to 25 People -     $1280
Up to 50 People -     $2280

A Note from Michele Burghardt

Because of my unique combined experience as an entrepreneur and a consulting hypnotherapist, I am distinctly qualified to work with corporate groups with a goal of increasing bottom-line results. I have started and sold small businesses, founded not-for-profit organizations, and was the president of the largest hypnosis center in the bi-state area. I am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists which is the largest accrediting body in the world for our industry. 

I look forward to helping your organization improve staff performance to bring out their professional best.  For more information, please visit Corporate Success or Employee Wellness, or contact Michele Burghardt at 636.209.4749 to schedule a free consultation.