​Best Hypnosis STL was founded by Michele Burghardt in 2016. Michele received her hypnosis training from Mottin &
                                           Johnson Institute of Hypnosis and was certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapy in 1994.  Under the name of
​                                           Success Hypnosis Center, Michele helped hundreds of individuals reach their goals including weight loss, smoking,
​                                           sports performance, poker improvement, etc.

                                          After taking a break to work in Corporate America, Michele has returned to her passion bringing with her the expertise in which to also help entrepreneurs and busy professionals.  Best Hypnosis STL is one of the very few hypnosis centers in the bi-state area with a practitioner who has a corporate background and understands how to utilize the power of hypnosis to provide personal solutions in a corporate environment. Michele earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and marketing executive.

Unlike some practitioners, Michele utilizes only positive and upbeat verbiage and suggestions, so clients leave her office feeling confident, renewed, and refreshed.  Michele works with her clients as a coach so you know you have a partner as you begin to make positive changes.  Our goal is to help you bring out your personal best. Click here to learn more about how hypnosis works or check out our FAQ page for more information.

Office hours are Mon. - Thurs. from 9 am - 7 pm, with FREE 15-minute phone consultations.to help answer your questions. Our office is located in the Furjes Chiropractic Building at 222 South 2nd Street in St. Charles, MO.  .

If you have questions about hypnosis and whether or not it can help you, please feel free to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss your unique situation with Michele. Schedule your appointment today!


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